MIND Blue Light Programme

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On Tuesday 19th February, the Team were joined by two representatives from the mental health charity MIND, and a film crew. MIND are making a television documentary on the support networks in place for emergency service personnel who have been involved in traumatic incidents. After filming with the police, paramedics, and fire service all across the country, they were visiting our team to understand how a Search and Rescue team works, and how this may be applicable to us.

Introductions were made and our visitors were given a quick tour of the Rescue Centre. Members of the team chatted informally with the film crew and MIND team about how the team operates, the kind of situations we have to deal with, and the kind of training we undertake. This was then followed by a more formal interview with our Chair; Vicky. Once the interview was complete, we all jumped in to the Land Rovers and headed out to the fringes of Dartmoor. The film crew wanted certain shots of us enjoying the moors, and filmed as we walked and chatted around the Shaugh Bridge area.

That evening our guests ventured out on a training exercise with the team, to witness the environment we worked in, how a search was organised and coordinated, and how team members went about their individual task. A simple search exercise was carried out around the Roborough Down area just North of Plymouth, during which the film crew and MIND team met many of the team members, and got a further flavour of the work we do. 

If you want to find out more about MIND Blue Light Programme or you need more information CLICK HERE

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