Training 12/03 | Trainees Exercise

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#Training Our trainee’s organised tonight’s exercise. Two soldiers, Privates Joe & Billy were going a slow time recce for a forthcoming military exercise in the locality near to Ditsworthy Warren House and left Derriford Reserve Centre at 10:00hrs. They had a cut off time to be back at base by 16:00hrs and are now overdue. This is of concern to the Unit who have reported this situation to the police.

Contact with the soldiers was cut short due to Pte Joe phone going flat. However, during the short contact, he was crying for help and stated he thinks he has broken his leg when he fell out of his vehicle.

Joe believed that Billy he’d headed off get help but not sure in which direction he went, but he fears for his mate’s safety. Billy has been acting irrationally of late; Joe said that during their recce he had been showing signs of hypothermia: he has not seen him for an hour, last spoken to him at 16:00hrs. In the past Billy has suffered with PTSD due to his time in Iraq.

Search teams where deployed the vehicle was found very quickly in the Ditsworthy Warren House and the casualty carers start to work on Joe with no other Emergency Services where available to help us out with extracting Joe of the vehicle so team need to think on their feet how to get Joe out.

During work that the team was doing on Pte Joe they discover Pte JJ on the other side of the vehicle with breathing difficulties caused by an asthma attack he was taken to shelter given inhaler to get his breathing under control. Other search teams where pull into the cas site as more people where needed to get Pte Joe out of the vehicle on this moment team was getting aware that there was three casualty as Pte JJ as of they found Pte Billy.

Search teams where redeployed to find Pte Billy soon after one of the teams found to walkers in their search area from the same unit as the other soldiers, Pte Dave and Pte Derek went out by the self to look for the missing soldiers. After the search team finish their line search they lucky found Pte Billy in good heart hiding for the wind and the cold after been check over by the casualty carer he was walk back to the main casualty site

The trainees put up great exercise well done guys, and big thank you to the volunteers casualty from the Derriford Reserve Centre.

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