Training 19/03 | First Aid

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First Aid is after our hill skills another important skill we need to keep update to the high standards of MREW tonight was also the start for some team members that will do the MREW Casualty Care training this is an advanced first aid.

The Medical training team put 4 training stations together to learn and update our skills with the main focus on Primary Survey

Station 1 Primary Survey with Doctor Mark, take us step by step the primary survey.

Station 2 Breathing with Doctor Alexz, Airway management and Bag Valve Mask (BVM) & O2 therapy 

Station 3 Primary Survey with Darren, Unconscious casualty

Station 4 CPR & AED with Steve, MREW team members need to do CPR training one’s year to stay Qualified. All our vehicles are fitted with an AED device to know how to use them the members are trained on them as well tonight.

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