News 12/05 | Ten Tors 2019

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Like every year, the Mountain Rescue teams from Dartmoor were safeguarding the Ten Tors competition.

The Plymouth team were operating from within the primary school in Princetown with outposts on Rough Tor and Great Mis Tor, so that we could promptly respond if the Army required us to respond to competitors asking for help.

We had support from Devon & Cornwall 4×4 Response giving us access to 6 4×4 vehicles in addition to our own 2 Land Rovers. This made the team more mobile and faster in our response during the Ten Tors weekend. 

As the weather was good there were not many calls for our help and it was great to see all the competitors doing so well.

We like to thank Devon & Cornwall 4×4 Respnose for their support.

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