Training 21/05 | Scenarios / Team Challenges

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We had 4 scenarios on different subjects where teams were scored on how they did on their scenario and a short discussion / debrief afterwards. To make things fair teams were drawn from a hat before the event.

Scenario 1 –       Dementia – A trail was set by Vicky where teams had to find 20 clues related to finding dementia sufferers.

Scenario 2 –       Stretcher skills – Carrying a stretcher with a bucket of water on tricky routes with teams judged on amount of water left in the bucket.

Scenario 3 –       First Aid – Team treating a casualty with a head injury and broken limbs

Scenario 4 –       Crime Scene – Teams coming across a crime scene.

Well done to Dave (Budgie), Mike, Gary, Alex and Dave for winning overall.

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