Event 27/07 | Prison Break

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Are you ready for Dartmoor Prison Break 2019?

Organised by volunteers from Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team Plymouth, this major fundraising event is an ultra running race, whereby the entrants determine their own route from the start point with the aim to achieve the furthest distance (as the crow flies) in a given time.

There are 2 categories, a 12 hour ‘Delinquent’ and 24 hour ‘Felon’ cut off. Whilst individual route choice is very much a part of the event it will be controlled in terms of restricted to only using public rights of way so no tunnelling or building gliders!

The participants will be monitored for the full duration of the event by a GPS tracker device and associated software for the Race Director. This system allows continuous participant tracking and location and the facility for participants to operate an emergency button. 

Although this fantastic event will naturally attract experience ultra race runners from across the UK, we invite individuals and teams to take part as a personal challenge. Maybe you can run (or walk very quickly) home to Plymouth, Bodmin or Exeter, or handcuff yourself to your best friend and make good your escape in unison!

Medals for all participants will be given, as will a custom ‘Buff’ type neck tube. Prizes will be offered to the individual or team who make it the furthest distance. Other fun prizes will also be offered, more details to come!

If you want to escape you better be fast as there is only 11 places left on 12 Hours and 24 Hours is full already.

Find out more about Dartmoor Prison Break

Countdown till Breakout time!

Countdown till Breakout time!
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