Training 02/07 | Search Techniques

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Last night’s training started off with the team meeting at Leeden Tor on a gloriously warm but windy evening on Dartmoor. The premise of the night was search techniques which was run by Neil Handley. 

The group was split into three teams and each team was given three search areas. For each area the teams had to calculate the AROD (Area of Detection) and POD (Probability of Detection) and then conduct a line search of the area.

In each area the teams had to place a rucksack on the ground and each member walk in a different direction away from the bag until it was no longer visible. They then walked back to the bag and counted the paces. This was converted into meters and an average for the team was radioed back into control. After this the teams then walked to the boundary of the area and spread out equally to conduct a line search.

This is a really useful type of training evening due to the varying terrain conditions that we encounter frequently on our searches.

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