News 12/07 | Throw bag Challenge

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During the teams meticulous planning of Armed Forces day it was decided to have a challenge that members of the public could participate in and a prize would be awarded to the winners. With a couple of team members liaising with local outdoor shops to see if they would be able to kindly donate prizes, the rest of the team got their thinking caps on and the Throw bag challenge was created. 

Throw bags are very useful items that the Water team carry in case they need to rescue someone in the water. It is a long length of special rope that is held in a material bag, around the same size as a rugby ball. If a person is in distress in the water the rescuer can throw the bag, whilst holding on to the end of the rope and then pull the casualty to safety. 

On the morning of Armed Forces day a corner of our pitch on the Hoe was sectioned off for the game. Red and white tape was arranged at the far end of the area in concentric circles. The aim was to throw the bag and for it to land in the centre circle. If you were one of the lucky people to land in the centre you were given a raffle ticket. At the end of the day a draw would take place to pick out the overall winners who would receive one of the prizes that were kindly donated. 

The game proved highly popular for children and adults all competing to win. Once it was 16:30 the game was ceased and two raffle tickets were selected from the box. The first prise generously donated from Cotswold Outdoor Plymouth consisted of the following: Rucksack cover, Map of Dartmoor, Whistle, Map cover and a compass. The second prize kindly donated from John Taylors Fasteners of Barnstable was a remote controlled sports car. 

I would like to thank all of the members of public who did drop a donation in our tin after playing the game. I would also like to say a special thank you to the two companies that provided the prizes for the event. As a charity your donations are greatly appreciated.

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