Training 23/07 | SAR

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On our SAR training we where joined by Commodore Peter Coulson RN and guests. The team celebrated 50th Anniversary Dinner on HMS Drake where we also meet Commodore Peter Coulson RN, Commodore HM Naval Base Devonport where we invited him to come along to one of our training evenings.

The evening started to our rescue centre where some of our members display Water-, Steep ground- equipment and our Cas Carer ability.

The Team Land Rovers transported the Commodore and his guest to Roborough down for a SAR Exercises based on callout.

The teams where task with looking for Missing Female in her 30s lost on the moor. High risk missing person’s vehicle located by Police. Believed to have not travelled far. Is known to have tried to commit suicide before.

The Commodore and his guest where put in the teams to work with the members to find the missing female. Missing female was located by Search Dog Saoirse soon followed by one with Cas Carer to care for the casualty. In the mean time a stretcher party was put together to transport the casualty safley to the waiting ambulance.

We hope that the Commodore and his guest had a good inside in the work we do.

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