Event 27/08 | Dartmoor Walking Festival

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This week the Dartmoor Walking Festival is on and that means that on our training evening members of the public can join us For Search and Rescue (SAR) and see our Mountain Rescue Search Dogs at work.

We had about 20 members joining us at Pork Hill the group was split into 2 groups, the first group went into the control vehicle where Richard explain what the search managers do on search and how they deploy the teams from there the group went on to the moors with our members searching for the missing person using a line search. On finding the missing person the teams Cas Carer showed their skills and the casualty is loaded on to the stretcher to be transported of the moors.

The second group went out with our Search Dogs (Honey, Saoirse and little Brooke) and their handlers (Rob and Ken). Rob explain how the dogs become fully trained Mountain Rescue Search Dogs and goes over the differed stages of the training at the same time Ken and Saoirse are showing their skills off in Stage 1, 2 and trailing.

We would like to thank the members of the public that come out to meet us and see what we do.

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