Training 03/09 | SAR Plymbridge Woods

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27 female jogger was reported missing by her boyfriend after not returning after her run. Her car was found by police at Plymbridge car park and she was not answering her phone. Police had tasked the team to search the area of Plymbridge between the car park and Bickleigh Bridge (the Mispers normal route). The out boundaries was the river to the right and the edge of the woods to the left.

One of the teams was alerted by a jogger of the location of the misper just off one of the side cycle tracks about an hour into the search. The casualty had slipped off the path whilst running and had knocked herself out on a log, although now alert, and had a query fractured ankle. The casualty was dealt with by the team before being carried off to Dart 54 (Land Rover) waiting in the industrial estate around 200m away.

We like to thank the National Trust for allowing the team to use Plymbridge Woods on for our Training as we had previous call-outs in the woods and likely to in the future.

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