Training 15/09 | PenMaCRA Casualty Care Day

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Six members of the team spent a gloriously sunny Sunday on the moor attending a PenMaCRA Casualty Care Clinical Development Day entitled “Challenging Scenarios: Volume II’ 

This involved 6 difficult scenarios that the team had to asses, manage and treat all under the watchful eyes of the faculty healthcare professionals that were running each scenario. 

After a brew and safety brief the teams set off for their first scenario. 

The scenarios consisted of the following 

  1. Casualty complaining of serious chest pain and shortness of breath.
  2. Casualty in a confused state after competing in an endurance event which led to a seizure.
  3. Casualty had fallen from rocks and had suffered a broken pelvis and lower leg fracture
  4. Casualty was suffering the effects of a head injury due to a fall in the river.
  5. Casualty had sustained multiple serious injuries due to a quad bike accident.
  6. Casualty had suffered an acute asthmas attack leading to cardiac arrest and a tension pneumothorax. 

At each scene one main Casualty Carer led, but we all pitched in and were able to bounce ideas and thoughts off each other which led to excellent team work throughout. After we had completed each session a debrief was undertaken and any questions, issues or training points could be discussed. 

It was a very rewarding and worthwhile day. After the event a well-deserved pint was required so we could discuss the day’s activities. Each of us felt like we had come away having expanding on our Cas Care knowledge greatly and also with a renewed sense of confidence in our abilities to perform in a call out when needed.

In Attendance:

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