Training 24/09 | Navigation exercise

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“it’s not training if it’s not raining”

The saying “it’s not training if it’s not raining” was very true for last night’s exercise up at Gutter Tor. Thirty one members of the team plus 9 potential recruits braved the elements to undertake a navigational exercise set by our Dartmoor oracle Colin. 

Everyone was split into small teams consisting of the navigator and then two assessors. As well as the 9 recruits it was a good opportunity for the current trainees to be tested as they have their final navigation assessments at the end of next month. 

Each navigator was given a route of about 5K and had to find a list of ten features in the area. They ranged from cists, short houses and pillow mounds, but due to the inclement weather it was a tough job to find some of them. 

Once the exercise came to a close and after a short debrief, we headed off to one of our favourite pubs the Royal Oak for a well-deserved pint and flapjack. 

All in all it was a very wet but thoroughly enjoyable evening which gave the potential recruits an insight into what the team gets up to on a Tuesday evening.

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