Training 01/10 | Medical Scenarios

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Two weeks ago a part of our Cas Carers training with other teams to improve their level of Casualty Care, from this training they used 4 “challenging” medical scenarios all written by Doctors or Paramedics for tonights training of the whole time.

So these were more challenging than our normal bog standard lower leg injuries. This was deliberately done to see how small teams of 4 – 6 coped with these scenarios. It was very pleasing to see that all team performed reasonably well (some teams had no Casualty Carers), The main objective was to deal with any problems in the original primary.

The scenarios were.

  1. Quad bike accident with severe chest injuries (possible pneumothorax) and lower leg fracture
  2. Severe Heat exhaustion leading to a seizure plus possible hypoglycemia
  3. Severe Head injury
  4. Life threatening asthma leading to a resuscitation

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