Event 06/10 | Abbots Way

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Sunday saw the team providing safety cover across the moor along with sister teams Tavistock and Ashburton. This was for the Abbots Way walk, which is a walk that has been conducted for many years. This year saw numbers of around 450 walkers, who are mainly teenagers walk from Buckfastleigh to Tavistock. Many use this as a training walk for either their Duke of Edinburgh or in preparation for next year’s Ten Tors. 

DSRT Plymouth have two check point areas that they man, one at Broad Rock and one at Crossways. A Sweep team was also deployed to cover from Crossways to Peat Cott which ensures all walkers have passed through each of the check points. 

Luckily the weather was very kind for the event which made it a thoroughly enjoyable yomp across the moor. The majority of walkers progressed very quickly and the team manged to finish in record time and were able to enjoy a hot pasty from the Control vehicle.

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