In case of emergency, dial 999 or 112, then ask for ‘Police’ then ‘Mountain Rescue’.

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Callout 2010

  • 15 Callouts
  • 678 man hours

Break Down: Moorland – 5, Suicidal Despondent – 3, Dementia – 3, Mental Health – 4
6 Dec: Called to Jacks Patch near Teignbridge to lood for an 82 year old male Alzheimer’s sufferer. Found by HMCG before team deployed. 6 man hours
13 Nov: Team called to Plymbridge Woods to look for a 46 year old with mental health issues. Found by police near Coypool. 24 man hours
13 Nov: Called to Okehampton Camp at 0655 to look for a missing soldier on a cross country run. Found before deployment. 40 man hours
17 Oct: Called out to Paynters Cross near St. Mellion again to look for a 72 year old male believed to be suffering from depression. Found wandering up the main road by police. 42 man hours
25 Sep: Called out to Whitleigh Woods at 1600 to look for a possible suicidal despondent on police bail. Subject had been missing since the previous Thursday and was known to have been drinking heavily. Found by police in Looe the following morning. 48 man hours
18 Sep: Called to Derriford Hospital at 0900 to look for a 21 year old male self harmer with probable mental health issues who had run away from an ambulance on his arrival at A&E for treatment to severe cuts to his arms. Found by search dog at the bottom of Blunts Lane and handed back to the Ambulance Services. 36 man hours
5 August: We received a call from the Police at just before 2200hrs. High risk misper, male, had apparently texted his partner at 1853hrs He was last seen in the Barne Barton area heading towards Bull Point. Since then, Police TAG team had been out looking and Oscar99. It was getting dark so the Police called the team. When we arrived at the RV in Barne Barton, the Police thought they had just found him. It was confirmed they had found him in St Budeaux. 12 man hours
30 July: Called at 1440 to assist Tavistock locate missing male “somewhere beyond Down Tor”, lost in very poor visibility. Stood down before arrival. Visibility had improved and the misper phoned in once he had the Police in view. 24 man hours
27 Jul: Received a call to search for a high risk elderly female who had gone missing from her care home in the Efford area of Plymouth. The team searched parkland and woodland areas in the local area, before being stood-down by the Police. She was later located by the Police.
17 Jul: Searched Efford, Ford and Central Park areas for a 70 year old woman who had walked out of her care home. 48 man hours
10 Jul: Called to search for a missing team of 6 Duke of Edinburgh candidates from London in the area South of Fox Tor. We spent most of the night searching in very poor weather conditions, with very little information available to decide where to search. With such a large potential search area, we were unable to locate the missing team during the night, but they were found safe and well later on the Sunday morning in daylight near Blacklane Post. 60 man hours
24/25 May: Team called to Paynters Cross near St Mellion at 2115 to look for an elderly man with depression. Tavistock, HMCG and Cornwall in attendance. Foot and Dog teams failed to find. Helicopter heat detection didn’t find anything either and we were all stood down at 0100. Plymouth and Coastguard teams reconvened at 0800 the next morning. He was found 1km north of the area and taken to Derriford. 110 and 28 man hours
20 May: Called at 1332 to search for a high risk male in the Bittaford area. The misper was found as the team was travelling to the location.
6 Mar: Called at 2330 to assist Tavistock to search for a man missing on the moor South of Princetown. As we were assembling he was located by the police Helicopter in the Eylesbarrow mine area, and then picked up by members of the Tavistock team in their Land Rover. 60 man hours
15 Feb: At 2250 Ashburton again called us to assist with a search at Harford for a 71 year-old male who had gone for a walk from there at about 1700 and had got lost. From the information gleaned by the police by speaking to the misper. on his mobile, it was decided to search the western side of the Western Beacon ridge as the information seemed to fit that locality. His mobile finally went down at 0418. It was decided at 0530 to call Tavistock to take over and they arrived on scene at 0630. The police informed us that the subject had turned up at a cottage at Badworthy, a location nowhere near the search area. He seemed to have been moving all night. Surprisingly he was none the worse for his adventure and was given “some strongly worded police advice.” 135 man hours
10 Feb: Ashburton asked the team to be ready to assist with a search for a misper. in Totnes. The subject, who had a form of dementia, was found by police before Ashburton could assemble.
7 Feb: Called at 0630 to a home in Saltash to look for an eighty year-old woman who was thought to be missing. We were asked to RV at 0700 at the police station. The staff at the home found the subject asleep on a sofa in the home. 15 man hours