In case of emergency, dial 999 or 112, then ask for ‘Police’ then ‘Mountain Rescue’.

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Callout 2015

  • 47 Incidents
  • 26 Callouts
  • 07 Standby
  • 14 Others
  • 1100+ Man Hours

47 27/12 09:47hrs A request came down for numbers of the Swift Water Team to assist the flooding around York. This time we were required and a team of 9 people left 15:15hrs. for the long journey. This entry will be updated on their return

46 06/12 14:56hrs Whilst we were on the previous call out a request came through to the team for numbers of Swift Water personnel available to assist with the flooding around the Carlisle area. The situation was being monitored for a couple of days resulting in the Water Team not being required and the team were stood down 10/12 @ 10:34

45 06/12 14:44hrs We were called to assist the Ambulance Services with the extraction of a female with back injuries from a wooded area near Sparkwell

44 24/11 11:52hrs Called to assist Tavistock with a missing female.

41/42 11/11 20:00hrs – 12/11 08:30hrs We were called with Tavistock to search for a missing Royal Marine. The search resumed the next morning as concerns were raised as the R Marine still hadn’t been found. He was found by DSRTP members on route to a search area. He was not duly harmed after spending the night out on the moor

39/40/43 11/11 02:16/14:21hrs – 12/11 22:39hrs We were called by the Police to assist with a missing female. We search various area, had the team on standby and gave advice. The lady was found later in the week

38 19:34hrs We were called by the Police regarding a missing female from Wembury. Whilst talking to the Police the lady was located safe and well

36/37 02/03 22:27/08:00hrs We called to assist the Police with a missing female from the Marsh Mills area. With no positive outcome the search was resumed the next morning with our colleagues from Tavistock. All teams were stood down around midday. The lady was spotted by a member of the public later in the afternoon

35 29 Oct 11:12hrs We were called to assist the Ambulance Service with extracting a injured walker in the Plym valley. The injured female was stretchered to awaiting ambulance

34 11 Oct 11:49hrs We were called by Ambulance Control to assist with the evacuation of an injured cyclist from a track near the Eylesbarrow Tin Mine, as it was unsure whether the Air Ambulance could be tasked. Due to the possible severity of the casualty our colleges from Tavistock were called to assist. On reaching the location it was soon realised the Air Ambulance was in attendance, but both Land Rover Ambulances (DSRT PLY and DSRT TAV) were tasked with Ambulance Crew to assist other possible casualties at the scene from the Tour de Moor event. The other casualty was eventually brought of the moor by other 4×4 transport.

31,32,33 24/25 Sept 12:48hrs We were made aware by the Police regarding the safety of a young man missing from Plympton. The Team was put on Stand by to find out willing personnel and consequently Called out later as Police carried with their enquires. Tavistock provided extra personnel to search Cann Woods until darkness. We were called at 17:02 on 25/09 and as a consequence of new information both Teams as well as our Search Dog Team were put on immediate Stand By, the Police called 17:50 to say our services were no longer required. Alll Teams Stood Down

30 07 Sept 15:28hrs After our Search Manager had a meeting with the Police regarding a missing middle aged lady from Plymouth, it was decided to call our colleges from Tavistock to search as much as we could ulitising the remaining Daylight. The lady was located in a different part of Plymouth

29 29 Aug 16:30hrs We were called to assist Tavistock with a call from Ambulance Control to assist with a casualty evacuation from near Devils Tor The casualty was airlifted by the Air Ambulance to awaiting road Ambulance

28 27 Aug 22:46hrs the Team was put on Stand By as 2 Walkers were reported to be lost in Shaugh Woods. Whilst our Search Manager was liaising with Police the 2 walkers were located safe and well

27 19 Aug 14:54hrs The Police contacted our Search Manager regarding an incident in the Launceston area. As this area is out of our operational fist call area he contacted  our colleges at Tavistock and Cornwall

26 12 Aug 11:40hrs Our Search Manager was called and discussed various options regarding searching for a missing female from the Plymouth area. It’s decided to call our colleagues from Tavistock to search the required areas before darkness. The lady concerned was seen by a rescue team and consequently located by the Police

25 10 Aug 16:20hrs We were called to assist the Police searching for a 56 Male missing in the Lee Moor area, sadly the gentleman was located by Police deceased

22/23/24 03 Aug 10:02hrs our Search Manager was contacted for advice regarding a missing middle aged Female. The team were placed on standby and after numerous conversations with the Police the team were called out . The lady in question had already been missing for some time so it decided to search until dark as no further new information was available. The search was resumed the next day with our colleges from Tavistock helping to search many new area’s as well as some area’s already searched. The lady was fortunately found by a member of the public the next day still alive.

20./21 23 July 08:35hrs The team were placed on standby and then called out after information by the Police of concerns for late middle aged Male from the Ivbridge area. The team searched many area’s around Ivybridge and the surrounding moorland. As our colleges from Ashburton were placed on standby and the DSRT Ash Search Manager came to Ivybridge Police Station, there were reports of the gentleman being in Exeter. The search was stood down 15:39hrs

19. 18 July 12:03hrs We were called by the Police regarding their increasing concerns for the safety of a middle aged Female from the outskirts of Plymouth. Our team search area’s until early evening, then we brought our colleges from Tavistock to continue. She was located by the Police approx 20:20 hrs

18. 10 July 00:46hrs As our Search Manager was talking with the Police regarding a missing male, the person had just been found, no further action from the team

17. 07 July 16:20hrs We were called by Ambulance Control to assist with an evacuation of a 18yr old male D of E student who had collapsed around the Peat Cott area. Due to the nature of the call we called our colleges from Tavistock to assist. On arrival at the RV it was evident the Air Ambulance had been retailed and was on scene. The student was declared fit enough to walk out so all teams were stood down

16. 02 July 10:11hrs We were called by Ambulance Control to assist with an evacuation of a male soldier with a head injury from Gutter Tor area as the Air ambulance couldn’t locate or land. Due to nature of the call we called our colleges from Tavistock to assist. The casualty was being loaded into a Land Ambulance as we arrived at the RV

15. 17 June 06:01hrs Whilst our S Manager was on the telephone to the Police the missing person had just been found – no action by the rest of the team

14. 07 May One of our members whilst on search Dog training was involved in helping a 10 Tors training team

13. 26 April 1414Hrs Called by Police to assist with a missing Male from Roborough Down. Tavistock where called to assist. The gentleman was located around the Sheeptor area

12. 24 April 2223Hrs Called by Tavistock to assist with the safe evacuation of D of E team from the river Plym area

11. 08 April Dog Alan and George called to assist CSRT at Lanhydrock Cornwall

10. 06 April 0213hrs. Called by Police with a missing 28 yr Female causing concern, the lady was located just as the team were arriving at the RV

9. 17 Mar 0304hrs. Called by Police with a missing elderly Gent from Thurlestone, the gent was spotted by a DSRT Ply member on route to Thurlestone and subsquently located by HM Coastguard/DSRT Ply

8. 15 Mar 1533hrs. Called by Ambulance Control to help with a casualty extraction from the Dewerstone near Shaugh Bridge, as the nature of the terrain Tavistock were called and put on Stand By. The casualty was winched by a RAF Sea King Helicopter from Chivenor and flown to Derriford

7. 28 Feb 1021hrs. Called by Police  regarding concerns for a male seen jumping into the river Exe, passed to Ashburton. No other team involvement

6. 26 Feb 1045hrs. Called by Police with a missing 45 Male had gone missing from Plymouth, just as the Team were going to be called the Police had located him. No other team involvement

5. 14 Feb 1620hrs. Called by Ambulance Control regarding injured kayaker on the river Dart, passed to Ashburton Team, put on Stand By to assist as required

4. 08 Feb 1430hrs. Whilst attending our fund raising walk the Postbridge Challenge, 4 members were involved with a female who got thrown from her horse, luckily she wasn’t badly injured and our members escorted her off the moor

3. 27 Jan 1800hrs. Called by Police regarding 3 overdue walkers at Postbridge, passed to Tavistock – The walkers turned up safe and well. No other team involvement

2. 22 Jan Search Dog Rob was called to assist Cornwall with a missing elderly female from Wadebridge. No other team involvement

1. 17 Jan 0200hrs. Called to assist Ashburton with a missing 26 Female from the Brixham area – The young lady was located the next day safe and well.