In case of emergency, dial 999 or 112, then ask for ‘Police’ then ‘Mountain Rescue’.

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Callout 2016

  • 41 Incidents
  • 20 Callouts
  • 05 Standby
  • 16 Others

41 26/12 13:23hrs We were called by the Police as they had growing concern for the welfare of a 51yr old man who had been taken to Derriford Hospital in the early hours of the morning, but promptly walked out without being seen. After initial discussions with the Police etc the team were called to search various area’s from the hospital. Just as planning for the next phase of the operation were under way, we were informed the gent had been sighted out of our initial area and had been re-admitted to hospital. With this confirmed the team were stood down to carry on with their respective Boxing Day festivities 

40 29/11 12:00hrs A team member became aware of a 16yr old girl he knew, who had been reported missing. As the team were out training that evening a team were deployed to an area she visited with her family, this resulted with a negative find. Our search manager assisted the Police the next day with information to other search area’s and liaised with DSRT Tavistock and Ashburton as they were called. The young lady was sighted by a member of the public and confirmation was made by rescue teams later that evening. She was found safe and well

39 26/11 19:12hrs We were called by DSRT Ashburton to assist with an overdue team at Harford Moor Gate. Both teams were placed on stand by whilst we gave the walkers more time to come of the moor. The team had split and eventually came off at different points, so both teams were stood down

38 05/11 17:51hrs We were called to assist DSRT Ashburton as they had a team social occasion. 2 female walkers had called for assistance as they were lost around  the Ryder’s Hill area. The Police Helicopter was also deployed and located the ladies and guided them to safety. The Police called back just as the team were to be called

37 13/10 23:18hrs Police called with concerns with a gentleman who lived in the Eggbuckland area, after further checks etc it was found out he moved to the Yelverton area. This was passed to DSRT Tavistock as this was going into their area

36 21/09 00:08hts We were called by the Police with concerns for a gentleman who gone missing from the Kingsbridge area. After checking the location this was passed DSRT Ashburton as this was in their area

35 14/09 16:47hrs The Police called as to assist with an overdue walker in the Trowlesworthy area, just as the were to be called reports came in the walker had returned

34 03/09 18:54hrs We were contacted by CSRT to assist with a search for an elderly gent who had gone missing from his home in Cornwall. A team of 10 were sent down the next day to help. The team were stood down around mid-day when the gent had been located and air lifted to hospital

33 30/08 00:01hrs We were called by the Police regarding a 43 female mountain biker had over shoot her original departure point off the moor and called the Police with her concerns. Her location from her description was worked to close to Cantrell Gate.The team were called and deployed, the Police Helicopter was in the area and located the lady and guided rescue members in the area with its search light. The lady was walked off to her waiting relatives.

32 22/08 19:10hrs We were called by the Police with reports from a DofE team who were in the Langcombe area and heard scouts for help. The team were called to search the area. DSRT Tavistock were called to assist with a potentially large area. After many hours neither the DofE team or the ‘person shouting for help’ were found, so both teams were stood down, pending Police enquiries. Contact was made with the Dof team the next day to clarify their concern

30/31 15/08 08:11hrs We were called by the Police regarding a young male who required assistance to come off the moor. IThe location was narrowed down to an area closer to our colleges at Ashburton. We sent a Landrover with 2 members to assist Ashburton with rest of the team on standby if required. The person was located DSRT Plymouth members,who with DSRT Ashburton members the young man was escorted off the moor safely

29. 09/08 04:03hrs Our Search Manager meet with Police at Plympton Police Station to discuss search plans for a missing 11yr old boy. Whilst areas were being decided the youngster returned home to relieved parents

28. 06/08 08:24hrs We were called by the Police to continue a search for a missing teenager in Totnes. We searched several areas including parts of the river Dart with our water team. Unfortunately the teenager was located by the Police dive team the next day close to an area where one of our search dogs Twooey with handler Rob indicated a possible presence

27. 01/08 17:58hrs We were called by the Police as 2 walkers had become lost on the 2 Moors Way. After talking to the Police and the lost walkers it was soon decided through local knowledge where they were likely to be. A Landrover was dispatched with team members to the location where the father and son were found rather wet and relieved to see us

26. 20/07 18:25hrs As one of our members was on his way to the Midnight Madness Walk, he was asked if he could help a female runner who had tripped and fallen badly resulting in a suspected fractured leg. He gave first aid and helped the ambulance service with casualty extraction

25. 16/07 14:00hrs Whilst on a walk to check the route for the forth coming Lych Way Walk, 2 of our members came across a lone dog. With no other people in sight the dog was taken to the nearest farm. The dog was later reunited with its owners. Another good canine outcome!

24. 14/07 15:18hrs As exercise ‘Triton’ was on going we had a call from the Ambulance Service requesting assistance with a casualty at Sourton Tor. As this was out of our area this was passed to our colleagues at DSRT Okehampton

23 14/07 13:21hrs We were called via regional body Penmarcra Silver to assist with an Nationwide exercise ‘Triton’. This carried out to test response’s and resilience to an incident in another area

22. 06/07 16:46hrs We were called by the Ambulance Service to assist with a casualty at Hound Tor. As this was out of our area this was passed to our colleagues at DSRT Ashburton. No team involvement

21. 04/07 23:22hrs We were called by the Police after growing concerns for a gentleman had gone missing from the Bickleigh area. Whilst the Search Manager was on the phone having conversation’s regarding area’s etc the team were put on stand by to get a reflection of numbers available. It then became evident the Police had located the gent so the team were stood down

20. 03/07 02:52hrs We were called by the Police to assist our colleagues DSRT Tavistock with a search for 3 missing walkers around the Burrator area. As our Search Manager was in liaison with DSRT Tavistock to discuss requirements etc, reports were evident the walkers had been found. No team involvement

19. 01/07 13:08hrs We were called by the Police to help continue a search that CSRT had been involved with since the day before. As this during the working day we called our colleagues DSRT Tavistock to assist with numbers to use most of the daylight effectively. As were about to deployed into search area’s the Police found the female reported missing

18. 30/06 07:34hrs Our Search Manager was contacted to help manage a search in Cornwall for our colleagues CSRT. Whilst on the phone it was soon evident a search manager had been found. No full team involvement

17. 22/06 18:37hrs We were called by the Police has they had growing concerns for a middle aged man who had been repotred missing and they had found is car in a remote location. As our Search Manager was on the phone discussing an action plan the gentleman was found by the Police. No action taken by the team

16. 16/06 00:20hrs We were called via Ambulance/Police regarding a party of 12 teenagers in trouble on the moor. After ongoing discussions with the Police the team were called to New Waste near Cornwood. Due to a possible medical condition reported and the remoteness of the party are colleges from DSRT Ashburton were called to assist. As a hasty DSRT Ply team were deployed to locate some of the party from Yealm Steps area the MCA SAR Helicopter was able to fly over and eventually locate all 12 members further in the moor. All 12 teenagers were airlifted back to the RV where they were reunited with their leaders. 1 teenager was taken to Derriford Hospital by road ambulance for advisory checks. The team stood down approx 04:00hrs after all team members had returned to the RV

15. 14/06 14:47hrs We were called to assist Ashburton with the search in the Blackpool Sands area for a missing young female, as it was a Tuesday our training was postponed so 22 members could help with the search along with members of the RNLI, Coastguard and MCA SAR helicopter. Our members helped until darkness when search was stood down for that day. Police are still investigating other lines of enquiry

14.  24/05 17:05hrs We were called Asburton to assist with a search in the Torquay area. As it was a training evening the team were placed on Stand by

13.  21/05 15:08hrs We were called by Ashburton to assist with search/recovery of a 50yr old male lost in Sharp Tor area above Ivybridge, as the gent had a previous medical condition and the conditions were misty with rain the Police were concerned for his safety. He was located by Police soon after and transported to awaiting ambulance by Ashburton Rescue Landrover

12.  20/05 19:29hrs We were called by Tavistock to assist with a possible stretcher carry of a casualty with an ankle injury from the Beardown Tor area. The casualty was located by Tavistock members and transported by the HART all terrain vehicle.

11.  07/05 09:00hrs Whilst at 10 Tors we were called to assist for the search for a missing elderly gentleman who had been missing from the Meldon area overnight. As a team were travelling to the RV reports came in that the gent had been found. The team returned to resume with 10 Tors duties

10.  16/04 10:42hrs We were called by the Police as they had raising concerns for a 48 yr old male missing from the Roborough area. Our colleges from Tavistock were called to assist with other area’s. The gent was located by a Ploice mobile later in the afternoon.

09.  13/04 21:46hrs We were called by the Police as they had reports of flares in Cadover Bridge area. This was due to military action in the area so no action was taken.

08.  25/03 11:20hrs We were called by the Police asking if we could help with the extraction of a stranded dog on a quarry edge. After liaising with the owners and checking the location, it was decided to call the DSFS Line Rescue unit, we assisted the Fire Service to safely reunite the dog with its owners

07.  23/03 14:36hrs We were called by the Ambulance Service to assist with  extraction of an injured climber, Dewerstone Shaugh Prior. We provided the Ambulance Service/Hart Team with specialist equipment and manpower to carry the casualty to awaiting Ambulance

06.  19/03 16:05hrs We were called by Tavistock to help them with a stretcher carry of a young male in the Holming Beam area

05.  15/03 19:48hrs We were called by the Police as they had concerns for 16yr old male who had been reported missing. After liaising with the Police the team where placed on Stand by. We were stood down approx 21:30 after the young man had been found safe and well

04.  04/03 10:30hrs We were called to assist Cornwall with the search for a missing young man. This search was called of later in the afternoon

03.  25/02 18:50hrs We were called by Tavistock to assist with a casualty extraction for the Ambulance Service at Magpie Bridge

02.  23/01 15:50hrs We were called by Tavistock to assist them with a search for 3 missing females walking in the Twobridges area. They eventually walked to a road and were picked up

01.   15/01 01:12hrs We were called by the Police as they had concerns for a missing 65 yr old lady from N Abbot. As this was out of our area we passed it to Ashburton