Training 28/05 | SAR Cann Wood

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As a team we can be called to any incident whether it be on the moors, in rural areas, or in woodland across the wider Plymouth area.

Our Tuesday #training this week was organised by our trainees in Cann Woods, near to the mountain bike trails. We were “tasked” to search for a mountain biker and his friends who had not returned. 

The scenarios presented to the team on locating the casualties included an injured mountain biker with serious head and pelvic injuries, a friend with mild hypothermia and another suffering from a hypoglycaemic episode. All situations that the team could be presented with on a real callout.

The scenarios were setup to give our Casualty Carers opportunity to practice their skills, as well as the wider team practicing skills such as woodland searching, the use of ETHANE and ATMIST, off-road 4×4 driving, as well as casualty packaging and evacuation.

Our special thanks goes to Tim Powles from the Forestry Commission who granted us access for the evening.

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