In case of emergency, dial 999 or 112, then ask for ‘Police’ then ‘Mountain Rescue’.

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  • 18 Callouts
  • Total: 598 man hours

Monday 23 Nov: Called out to Yennadon Down to assist Tavistock in searching for a 51 year-old male thought to be intent on committing suicide. As his vehicle could not be located there was no point from which to start searching so both teams were stood down. 10 man-hours.
Wednesday 4 Nov: Joint callout with Cornwall SRT. Alan and Search Dog Sunny were called just after midnight to look for a potential suicidal despondent. They were stood down on reaching the RV at Maker Church, Mount Edgecumbe. The person was located shortly after midnight at Penlee Point.10 man hours
Tuesday 13 Oct: During our Tuesday night training we were called to go to Denholm Bridge to look for a couple who were lost whilst walking their dog. Search Dog Sunny and Alan plus the Hasty team deployed. They were found at Collyton before the rest of the team was deployed. 54 man hours
Sunday 11 Oct: Joint callout with Ashburton and Tavistock. Deployed to New Waste to help look for two young men walking the Two Moors Way who had got themselves completely lost. Surrendered to police at New Waste before Plymouth arrived on scene. 34 man hours.
Sunday 30 Sep: Ridgeway, Plympton. Called to look for an 80 year old female dementia sufferer. Found by police before rest of team called. 2 man hours
Tuesday 1 Sep: 0215hrs. Search Dog Alan was rudely awakened to assist Tavistock to look for a missing lady. Our search area was the intricate and deeply scoured land opposite the Warren House Inn and leading down to Vitifer Mine. She was located out of area by a member of Ashburton shortly after 0700 near Stannon Farm.
Sunday 30 Aug: approx 1600hrs. Search Dog Alan called out by Cornwall to look for a missing lady with Alzheimer’s disease. She was on holiday and staying in a cottage off Kitt Hill. She was found by Search Dog Alex cold, confused but otherwise well.
Tue 11 Aug: Team called to Marlyhead as a joint callout with Ashburton. A woman with serious health issues was threatening suicide. She was found later in the night in the Barbican by Police. 80 man hours
Sun 26 Jul: Called at 1735 to search Budshead Woods for a missing lady known to be depressed and with alcohol problems who, it was thought, might be hiding in the woods. An intensive search of the woods and surrounding areas by 16 members of Plymouth Team, 5 SARDA dogs, police dogs and the police TAG team started at 1922. We were stood down at 22.30 with a possible resumption time of 0900 on the 27th. The subject was found by police in Plymouth at 0320. 48 man hours.
Sat 11 Jul: Called to Peat Cott to search for a D of E team missing either near Erme Head or Redlake. Tavistock and Ashburton called to assist. Tavistock Hasty team find at Broad Falls. Plymouth 96 man hours
Fri 10 Jul: Went to Dousland to assist Tavistock in locating a subject with bi-polar disorder and alcohol problems. Stood down after 4 hours. Subject arrived home later that morning after returning from Truro. 36 man hours
Sat 13 Jun: Called to Longash garden centre near Yelverton to look for a 45 year old female suicidal despondent. Found by police whilst teams were being deployed. Tavistock called to assist. 40 man hours
Sat 30 May: Callout in Plymouth area for a missing despondent. Turned round almost straight away, person found OK.
Sat 30 May: Our Controller was requested to go to Axminster to coordinate a search for a missing 44 year old woman. Subject contacted police from Seaton before teams arrived on scene. 2 man hours
Fri 29 May: Called to Eggbuckland area to look for a suicidal despondent. Subject (47) surrendered to police before team deployed. 8 man hours
Thu 30 Apr: Called to Cold East Cross to look for a 47 year old walkaway. Possible mental health issues. Located at Dartmeet. 24 man hours
Several callouts over the Ten Tors Weekend. Notably on Sunday to assist Police with looking for an autistic young man missing in the Chumleigh area. He was found by Police.Several callouts over the Ten Tors Weekend. Notably on Sun 10 May we were asked to assist Police with looking for an autistic walk away (17) with mental health issues who was missing in the Chumleigh area. He was found by Police in the afternoon. 24 man hours
Thu 12 Mar: Dog Alan and George drove all the way to Holsworthy to look for a man with an eating disorder. Helicopter from RAF Chivenor was on scene and he was found by Okehampton as we arrived at the RV point.
Wed/Thu 4/5 Feb: Assisted Ashburton and Police at Halden Hill in evacuating stranded motorists during the heavy snow falls. 135 man hours
Thu 5 Feb: Out to Dobwalls to assist Cornwall team for a possible Alzheimer’s sufferer. Located before rest of team called. 1 man hour
Wed 14 Jan: Called out to Wembury for a possible suicidal despondent. Subject located by Police before team deployed. 2 man hours