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Callout 2013

  • 43 Callouts

43. 11 Dec. Called by Police at 2133 for High Risk Female missing in the Stoke Gabriel area of Totnes. The lady was found before the team was called.
42. 25 Nov. The team was called at 1029 to search for a missing Royal Marine in the Gutter Tor area. He was soon found by RAF Seaking, and the team was stood down at 1137 as we were arriving on scene.
41. 24 Nov. Team called by SW Ambulance Trust at 1722 to assist with a carry off of a 37 year old man who had fallen in the Dewerstone area. He was taken to Derriford Hospital at 2010.
40. 23 Nov: Team put on standby at 2327 to search for a suicidal man in the Wembury area. The team was stood down at 2349 as he was found.
39. 3 Nov: Team eventually attended callout in the morning, but nothing found. Stood down at 1300.
38. 2 Nov: Team still on standby to search for high risk male in the Burrator Arboretum area.
37. 1 Nov: Team put on standby at 1700 to assist Tavistock to search for high risk male in the Burrator Arboretum area.
36. 31 Oct: Team put on standby Thu night at 2255 to assist Ashburton team in a search for a missing 3 year old child at Newton Abbot. The team was stood down at 2325 as the child was found safe and well.
35. 27 Oct: Possible callout to search for a missing male walker in the Cadover area. Team not called.
34. 27 Oct: Full team on standby at 1430 to assist Police/FRS due to severe weather warning. Team stood down the following morning with no action taken.
33. 21 Oct: Full team including Water Technicians called out at 1820 to assist with a possible missing canoeist near Lopwell Quay Maristow. Team stood down before reaching RV at 1916.
32. 17 Oct: Advance notification of a callout to Roche in Cornwall at 1700. At 1805, the team was called out to search for a missing 79 year old high risk man. Team stood down at 2210 after only an hours searching as the Police had a confirmed sighting of the man.
31. 18 Sep: The team was put on standby at 0700 for a possible call out later to the Churston area to assist Ashburton Team. The team was stood down, as the high risk 73 year old male was found at 0930.
30. 15 Sep: Full team callout to Brisworthy Burrows at 1600 to search for a missing 7 year old female walker. She was found at 1907.
29. 13 Sep: Resumption of yesterdays callout near Ernesettle starting at 1230. Update: a body was found ‘near water’ soon after.
28. 12 Sep: Team called out at 1757 to the Ernesettle Lane area to search for a high risk male. The team was stood down after unsuccessfully searching the area at 2239 with a possible resumption in the morning.
27. 20 Aug: Possible callout for a high risk male. Team not called.
26. 16 Aug: Possible callout to Portreath to assist Cornwall SRT to search for a high risk 49 year old male. Team not called.
25. 11 Aug: Fourth callout of the day at 2006 for the same missing 74 year old vulnerable person. He had been sighted in the Bovisand area earlier that morning. A thorough search of the paths and cliff area around the dive centre yielded nothing. The person was found safe and well by the Police at approx 0230.
24. 11 Aug: Third callout. The team was called to Dunstone Woods in Plymstock at 1715 to search for a vulnerable 74 year old man. Stood down at 1930 after a thorough search of the Woods and surrounding gardens.
23. 11 Aug: The team was called out for a second time for a stretcher carry from Knowle Woods, Leighbeer at 1517. At 1715 the team was stood down after a successful evacuation of a 40 year old casualty who had suffered a suspected broken hip.
22. 11 Aug (Super Sunday): Full team callout at 0921 for high risk 20 year old person near the TA Centre on Brest Road. Team convened at 1030. After a lengthy search the team was stood down at 1445 by the Police – person not found. He was later picked up near Plymouth by the Police.
21. 10 Aug: Possible callout and attendance required at Tavistock Police Station. Team not called.
20. 6 Aug: The team was called out to Shaugh Bridge Car Park by SW Ambulance Trust for a stretcher carry at 1353. The team was stood down after a successful evacuation of a lady with suspected broken ankle. She was stretchered off along the track to Goodameavy at 1600 by the team with the help of the SWAST and Police.
19. 21 Jul: A full team call out to Boringdon Woods (above Boringdon Hall Plympton) at 1221 to search for a high risk male person.
18. 19 Jul: At 1615, the team had an advance notice of a possible call out at 1800 for a high risk missing person in the Plympton area. No action taken as the team was stood down at 1833.
17. 6 Jul: There was a full Team call out at 2115 to Rock (near Padstow) to search for a high risk male person, but the team was stood down as the person was found at 2210.
16. 23 Jun: The Ashburton and Plymouth team members including their Rescue 3 Swift Water Rescue Technicians were called to the Newbridge area at 0538 to search for two missing persons missing in or near the River Dart. The Rescue Helicopter from RAF Chivenor also attended and landed in the Newbridge car park. Happily they were located safe and well at 0756. Picture here
15. 4 Jun: The team was called out to search for a 20 year old female missing in Plymouth.
14. 10 May: Team called out to Meldon Dam by SW Ambulance Trust.
13. 8 May: A full team call out to Crownhill Police Station at 0332 to look for a missing 35 year old female in Eggbuckland. The team was stood down at 0800 after an unsuccessful search.
12. 2 May: Team placed on standby at 2302 for a possible call out to Chagford. The missing 65 year old female was found just after deploying and the team was stood down 2326.
11. 29 Apr: Possible assistance required for Ashburton with a high risk female in Paignton. Team not called.
10. 27 Apr: The team was called at 2210 to assist Tavistock with a carry off from Leeden Tor. Successful casualty carry off of a 16 year old and stood down at 2354.
9. 1 Apr: The team was called out at 15:36 to assist Ashburton Team look for a high risk male near Torquay. The team was stood down later at 2050.
8. 23 Mar: One member of the team assisted the crew of Devon Air Ambulance on Wigford Down. He came across the crew and a policeman and assisted with evacuating a member of the public who had a suspected broken ankle. The person was successfully put into the helicopter and was flown to Derriford Hospital.
7. 14 Mar: Launceston woman still missing. Possible resumption of search. Update at 2221: Team stood down, missing female found alive.
6. 13 Mar: Full team called out at 2130 to assist Cornwall SRT search for a 50 year old female missing from Launceston area. Stood down at 0500.
5. 17 Feb: A team member gave assistance to a member of the public whilst on Dartmoor.
4. 17 Jan: Team placed on bad weather standby
3. 10 Jan: Team called at 1735 to assist Police with a deceased male recovery in Ivybridge. Stood down at 1942.
2. 5 Jan: The team was called by Alex Lyons Ashburton team on Saturday to see if we could provide 3 x Swift Water Rescue Tech’s to act as dog navigators during their search of a site at Bovey Tracey. This was a follow up of the callout done two days earlier by Ashburton. We were looking for a despondent with grievances. His vehicle had been found on the Parke estate at Bovey Tracey, and Ashburton had been out searching, as the Police considered him to be suicidal. Dogs were tasked with a search of the area, which included the flood plain and banks of the River Bovey. Plymouth were asked as they wanted Swift Water Rescue Tech Level 3 help given the territory, and knew we were all local to the area. 3 members turned out, arriving on site at 1130, and were stood down at 1600.
1. 1 Jan: Team reconvened at 1000 to search for the 16 year old boy who had jumped off the Torpoint Ferry on New Years Eve. The team was stood down in the afternoon. Nothing found