In case of emergency, dial 999 or 112, then ask for ‘Police’ then ‘Mountain Rescue’.

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Callout 2014

  • 33 Incidents
  • 20 Callouts
  • 4 Standby
  • 9 Others
  • 1508 man hours

33. 29 Nov: 1900 Silver SAR requesting help for Ashburton regarding a missing elderly Female from Paignton. Female found shorly after. No Team involvement
32. 29 Nov: 0900 Team called to assist Ashburton with the continuation of the search of the 24 Yr old Male. The gent was found later safe and well
31. 27 Nov: 1137 Team called out to assist Ashburton with search for a 24 Yr old Male missing in the Cold East Cross area
30. 21 Nov: 1752 Contacted by Asburton regarding a lone Female walker lost between Ivybridge and S Brent. Team put on Stand By to assist if required. Female located by Ashburton, Plymouth team stood down 1908.
29. 19 Nov: 1500 Team put on Standby for 84 Yr old Male missing from Plympton, Gentleman found by Police 1634 Team stood down
28. 17 Nov: 0039 As the Search Manager was liaising with the Police the 3 subjects where found No action by Team
27. 06 Nov: 2356 Team called by Police to Torpoint area for a missing 68 Yr old Female, Tavistock were called to assist. The lady was found the next day by the home staff
26. 28 Sept: 1231 called by Police to locate, treat and stretcher carry a 68 Yr old Female from the Dewerstone area, as the nature of the terrain Tavistock where called to assist with the stretcher carry to Shaugh Bridge
25. 31 July: 1314 called by Ambulance Control to assist with casualty extraction from Huccaby Steps, passed to Tavistock, Plymouth Team placed on Standby should Tavistock require further assistance
24. 30 July: 1830 called to assist Tavistock looking for a missing 50 Yr old Male around Norsworthy Bridge
23. 06 July: 2310 called by Ambulance Control to assist HART Team with casualty extraction from River Plym in between Cadover Bridge and Shaugh Bridge. Tavistock called to assist with stretcher carry over difficult terrain
22. 22 June: Search Dog Rob called by Okehampton to assist with a missing Male
21. 12 June: The Team were called at 13:20 via Ambulance Control to assist with recovery of an injured 73 Male walker from Harford Moor. Team assisted HART Team with location and extraction to Air Ambulance
20. 03 May: 02:40 As the Search Manager was dealing with the Police to call the Team the young Female had been located, no action required.
19. 18 Apr: Full team callout at 0242 to Torpoint Police station to look for an elderly man missing in St John area. Team deployed, but were stood down at 0830. Missing person found by police.
18. 7 Apr: There was to be a resumption of the previous nights search at 1300, but the team were found by a team member in the New Waste area at 1215. All teams stood down.
17. 6 Apr: The team was called at 2057 to search for a missing DofE team. They were missing in the area between Princetown and Ivybridge, so Tavistock team were also called out. The weather hampered the search quite considerably. Tavistock searched from Princetown south, and our team were searching from New Waste north. The team was stood down at 0400hrs.
16. 1 Apr: The team was called at 0110 to search in the B&Q area of Plympton for a missing vulnerable woman. She was later found OK by the Police.
15. 17 Mar: Resumption of previous nights callout. The team as due to resume searching at 1300 in same area, but the person was found by police, so team stood down.
14. 16 Mar: The team called at 2347 to search for a high risk person in the Burrator Dam area.
13. 15 Feb: The team resumed searching in the Lower Longford Campsite area with the Tavistock team at 0830. Nothing was found, and the team was stood down at 1630. The team were informed in the morning of 16 Feb that a body had been found by the Police in the area.
12. 14 Feb: The team was called at 1157 to assist Tavistock team as they had requested assistance to search for a vulnerable male in the Lower Longford Campsite area. The team was stood down at 1700 after not finding anything, but were put on standby to resume in the morning.
11. 11 Feb: Search Manager contacted via Silver SAR regarding a missing Female from Barnstable, discussed action plan with Tavistock/Ashburton, no team involvement
10. 4 Feb: This evening at 2100 the team including Swift Water Rescue Technicians were called to Kingsands in Cornwall. This was to assist the Emergency Services to evacuate residents due to flooding during storm force winds. The teams response was hampered by the Tamar Bridge being closed to traffic and the Torpoint Ferry being reduced to 1 instead of 3. All emergency services had a busy evening. The team was stood down at 2215 due to the lowering of the risk to residents. Pictures and videos of the storm hitting the waterfront from The Herald website.
9. 03 Feb: 19:03 As the Search Manager was dealing with the Police to call the Team the 80 Yr Old Male had been located. No Team involvement
7/8. 24 Jan: Team placed on standby at 0612 to assist Ashburton team in the Torquay area to search for an elderly male. Later at 1908 the team was asked to assist the Ashburton team again and along with Search Dog Rob we searched for a missing female walker in very misty conditions. The RV was Cross Furzes which is on the Abbots Way route just off the road between Buckfastleigh and Holne. The misper was found an hour later at the Heap of Sinners cairn situated north of the Two Moors Way. Team stood down at 2012 with the exception of our land rover and driver.
6. 10 Jan Search Dog Alan called by Cornwall Search & Rescue to assist looking for a 50 yr old female
4/5. 4/5 Jan: The team was called to attend a search for a missing 18 year old man from Noss Mayo. The team worked over the weekend with the Police, Fire Service, Coastguard as well as many members of the public from the area. Update: sadly a body was recovered from the sea a week later.
3. 3 Jan Search Manager contacted 20:30 regarding missing 18 year old, discussed actions/plans
2. 2/3 Jan: The team was contacted via the D&C Police Silver SAR Cell Middlemoor at approx 2040 to attend a conference with a host of other agencies due to the severe weather. A message was sent out to the team at 2045 to get availability and to place them on standby. Another message was sent out to update the team at 2149. The Silver SAR Cell was open at midnight at which the team had a presence all night in a liaison role. The Police then sent out a message at 0618 for further information on availability (this was because they recognised our potential change in availability as many of us had to go to work – unlike the other full time blue light organisations). As the weather situation eased the Stand Down was sent out at 0856 on Fri 3 Dec. This was the first time the Silver SAR Cell had been activated. Furthermore, we were the only volunteer organisation in attendance – our representatives were working alongside the Police, Fire and Rescue, the Air Force and HMCG.
1. 1 Jan: Team called out by the Ambulance service at 1316 to assist with a dog walker who fell whilst walking in strong winds and heavy rain in the Yelverton area. The hypothermic casualty was taken to hospital. The team was stood down at 1333.