In case of emergency, dial 999 or 112, then ask for ‘Police’ then ‘Mountain Rescue’.

How We Help You


To assist with local events, help with team exposure in community, and raise vital funds, we offer the skills and expertise of our team.

First Aid Cover

Do you need First Aid/ Responder Cover for an event you organise? All our team members are qualified first aiders.


Our team can also Marshalls of your event this can also be in combinations with First Aid cover.


Is your class or group interested in what we do, members of the team can give talk on location or on our Rescue Center about what and how the team works.


If you want to know more we can also do a presentation for you This can be done either on location or our Rescue Center during the presentation we will show and interact with the team kit.

Open Day

Do you or your company organising Open Day and you would like us to attend, we will bring one the Land Rovers with the rescue kit to show your visitors.

Contact Event Manager

Please fill in the event request form and our Event Manager Dave Northcott will contact you to discuss your event.