How You Can Help Us

Goods / Wish List

We operate at a very high standard, professionally and safely to ensure the people we are helping are found and looked after properly. Some incredible companies have helped us to save lives by sponsoring equipment. Please see what we currently need in the list below.

Wish list of equipment

Helmets – For team members to operate safely during rescues.

Generator – Power for 04 for exercises and callouts.

Stretcher – New lightweight titanium.

New control vehicle – The mobile command unit, normally a long wheel base van, used in every callout and exercise to coordinate the team.

Helmet appeal

Our current fundraising appeal is for the renewal of the team’s personal protective equipment. The team use protective helmets for working with helicopters, rope and water rescue. Every 10 years the helmets need to be renewed as the materials degrades over time. We are looking for funding for 60 specialist rescue helmets which will cost £100 each. Could you sponsor 10, 15 or even 20 helmets?

Your logo would feature on the helmets. Our major rescues are very rarely out of the papers due to their high profile. So, your logo would appear in newspapers and on TV.

Alternatively, go direct to our Justgiving Page and donate directly.

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