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Midnight Madness
Saturday 22nd July 2023


Saturday 22nd July 2023

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This circular walk starts at Princetown Primary School and heads south down Tavistock Road and then on the Bridleway to the open moor. Continue on the path past South Hessary Tor to CP1. Turn west and follow the path into the Forest and down to Leather Tor Bridge for CP2. Continue along the forest road to Cross Gate and then by path or lane to CP3 at the Junction with the disused railway track. Now walk north along the railway track CP 4 at Routrundle.

Continue along the railway line to the Criptor path and turn uphill to CP5 on the rail track. Now follow the line east back to Princetown. Total length 11.4 miles.


Suggested Equipment: Suitable equipment for a night on the moor in July, bearing in mind possible conditions. You should have at least a map, compass, torch, food and fluids, whistle, waterproofs, hat, gloves and suitable footwear. For greater safety, take a first aid kit, survival bag and spare clothing, food, batteries and bulb.

Skills: As some of this walk is on moorland, at least one of the team must have basic navigation, compass and map reading skills.

Timings: The walk will start at 2000 hours and no walkers will be allowed to start after 2015. The cut-off time for the finish will be 0300 hours on Sunday. Please remember that by the time you return to Princetown, the inhabitants will be asleep and would appreciate it if they could remain that way.

Car Parking. There are spaces in the School car park, in the National Park car park (for which there may be a charge) and on roads within Princetown.

Preparation of Own Route: The walk will start and finish at Princetown Primary School. The supplied route has the grid references for four checkpoints and some other points on the suggested route; each team must plan and prepare their routes using the information given. The aim of the walk is to visit all four checkpoints and be at the Primary School at Princetown before 0300 hours.

The Map used or the information and preparation of this walk is Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure Number 28, Map of Dartmoor North & South, 1:25,000.

Did you know that The Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team Plymouth:

• Is a voluntary organisation, a registered charity funded by donations.

• Provides a vital all-year-round search and rescue service throughout Southwest Devon, East Cornwall and Dartmoor

• Provides the Police with well in excess of 1,000 man-hours of search resources annually

• Oversees the safety of over 2,000 children during the annual Ten Tors event

• Provides a valuable search resource that regularly helps the elderly, infirm and those with mental health conditions

• Pays nothing to volunteers for their role

• Assists at public events providing first aid cover with our qualified Casualty Carers, some of whom are medical staff in their day jobs

Thank you for supporting this walk; we hope you enjoy the experience of walking at night on Dartmoor and hope to see you again on one of our other walks. Watch our website for detail of our next walk.