In case of emergency, dial 999 or 112, then ask for ‘Police’ then ‘Mountain Rescue’.

How You Can Help Us

Want to join the team?

Once fully trained in all aspects of Search and Rescue techniques, trainee members can expect to become ‘badged’ and go onto the callout list in about 11-12 months. If you think you have the commitment to be a member of the team or require further information, then contact the Training Officer for more information.

The team maintains its high level of expertise by training in, on or near to the moor every week covering these items in a rolling training programme:

  • Familiarisation with Dartmoor and areas around Devon
  • Search techniques in both rural and urban areas
  • River Crossing techniques and river bank searching
  • Scenario based First Aid training
  • Map reading and navigation in poor weather conditions
  • Helicopter training with both MCA Bristow or with the Police helicopter from Exeter
  • Joint Team training by carrying out Search and Rescue exercises with other MR teams
  • Health & Safety and Risk Assessment whilst training and on searches
  • Working with Search Dogs.
  • Assisting with fund raising events throughout your training

Specialist Skills once you are badged:

  • Swift Water search techniques and rescues
  • Steep Ground
  • Casualty Care training
  • Hasty Team training

The next potential recruitment assessment days are TBC. If you wish to take part and be considered for the team please contact the Training Officer on the below link for an application form.

Darren Platts is the team’s Training Officer and the training team provide the team with all the training that is required to ensure the team are fully qualified in all MR subjects. Send an email to them with any further inquiries.

See our core skills page for more information on training