In case of emergency, dial 999 or 112, then ask for ‘Police’ then ‘Mountain Rescue’.

Keeping Safe

The Five Top Navigational Errors

Where did it go wrong?

These are the top five navigational errors made – guard against them and you have reduced your chances of an accident by almost 25%!
1. Lack of concentration
Clear thinking is critical for accurate navigation. When calculating moves use the Brace Position (kneel) to take you ‘out’ of the group. If navigating in difficult conditions tell the group you are not going to chat and instead concentrate only on navigation.
2. Making the map fit the environment
When you think that you have your position located on the map, choose a feature on your map, predict where you are going to see it and then turn in this direction to see it. If it isn’t there start your relocation procedure.
3. Inaccurate compass bearings
Always have the compass set in front of you and rotate your body, not the compass to your objective. If taking a bearing from a map always use the Brace Position.
4. Compass Deviation
Check wristwatches, karabiners, ice axes, ski and walking poles are all kept clear of your compass – even your jackets zip-pull!
5. Forgetting to correct for Magnetic Declination
Practice this so much that it becomes a conditioned reflex and you no longer have to think about it.